Best Careers For Women

You would think there wouldn’t be any need to write about best careers for women. But while equal opportunity is the law, it’s not always practiced in the workplace. Invisible “glass ceilings” often exist and bumping up against one can stop your career growth short. But there’s another reason besides discrimination that makes it important to know about where the best careers for women are. Women often strive to achieve life balance. This goal can negatively affect their careers unless they carefully choose the optimal careers for women.

The biggest obstacle for working women is the conflict between family and job. An article appearing in Fast Company magazine says, “Today’s women are equal to their male counterparts in education, experience, and skill. But when it’s a painful choice between the client crisis and the birthday party, the long road trip and the middle-schooler who needs attention, the employee most likely to put company over family is the traditional, work-oriented male.”

Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men

Believe it or not, there are some very good careers where women actually fare better than men when it comes to compensation according which lists 39 jobs where women make more than men.

What actually constitutes the best jobs for women ultimately depends upon the needs of the individual woman. For some, high pay is the ultimate differentiator while for others, it may be the flexibility to set their own hours, work from home, or the existence of on-site daycare.

Best Companies for Women to Work

Fortune Magazine’s annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For ranks those top companies by number of female employees. The list includes full company contact information, company summaries and the reasons why each company is known for providing excellent careers for women.

More information about finding the best jobs for women can be found at And if you’re looking for some good reading to help you determine the best paying jobs, pick up a copy of 250 Best-Paying Jobs, 2nd Ed.

If you’re tired of trying to break into the “good old boy’s” club, print out a copy of this article and keep it. Then, when you decide that enough is enough, and you’re ready to move on, read it again and go grab one of those best jobs for women.