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When you are researching career options, there are many factors to consider.

These factors include:

  • Monetary factors
  • Job content factors
  • Job stress factors
  • Fit factors
  • Company environment factors
As part of your process for evaluating job opportunities, you would want to determine which pf these factors are of most importance to you in making a career transition.

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    Here’s a list of job opportunity evaluation factors to consider when evaluating job options:

    Job Opportunity Evaluation Factors

    Current Job

    New Job







    Stock Options



    Employee Stock Purchase Plan



    401K Plan



    401K Match






    Vesting for Stock Options, 401K Plan, and Pension
    (Forfeitures and when you can begin)



    Health Care Benefits






    Tuition Reimbursement



    Sponsored Programs such as Health Club Membership



    Mileage to Work and Parking Costs



    Job Title



    Nature of Work



    Your Interest in the Work



    Degree of Responsibility



    Fits with Future Plans



    Clear Understanding of your Role by Yourself and Others



    Advancement Potential



    Amount of New Learning Required (new learning could be a +
    or a – depending on the individual)



    Hours Worked



    Availability of Flextime



    Length of Commute



    Potential for Telecommuting



    Amount of Travel Required



    Workload vs. Staff



    Tight Deadlines



    Bad Boss



    Turnover Levels



    Job Stability



    Poor Upper Management



    Merger/Acquisition Potential



    Office Politics



    Type of Work Environment (Informal/Formal)



    Office Space



    Family Friendly



    Diverse Workforce



    Boss’s Management Style



    Company Culture (Positive/Negative,
    Fast-Paced/Slow-and-Steady, Hierarchical/Flat)



    Degree to which Company’s Values Match Your Values



    Training and Development Programs



    Compatibility with Peers



    Company Size



    Degree of Risk (startup vs. stable, mature company)



    Industry Growth Potential



    Your Interest in Industry



    Company’s Health



    Company’s Resources (ability to fund projects)



    Management Team



    Company’s Vision and Strategy for the Future







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