Human Resource Management Resources

Here are some recommended resources to help Human Resource Professionals in the areas of outplacement services, pre-employment background checks, college graduate recruitment, executive recruitment, and obtaining a salary survey to determine employee compensation.



“Tips for Selecting an Outplacement Firm” Useful tips to help Human Resource Professionals develop a selection criteria for working with an outplacement firm. To request your copy, send an e-mail to Outplacement Tips.

Quest Career Services, LLC is an outplacement firm that specializes in providing affordable one-on-one outplacement services to companies downsizing from 1 to 200 employees. To request a brochure detailing these outplacement services and pricing, send us an email:

Outplacement Services Cost

Need help determining the cost of outplacement? Visit Quest Outplacement’s website to learn more about the outplacement fee structure for its four outplacement programs.


Pre-Employment Background Checks

E-Background Check Confirm a job candidate’s qualifications and employment history prior to making an offer.


Find Qualified Candidates for $100K+ Positions
Receiving Forbes’ “Best of the Web” honors, is a premier executive career management site for Executives and Experienced Professionals. is also a leading resource used by thousands of Corporate Human Resource Professionals and Executive Recruiters to find top talent for their $100,000+ positions.


Free Salary Wizard Report
Are you paying your employees too much? Are you paying them enough? What salary increase should you give your star employee? What salary offer should you make to ensure you get quality new hires?

A Free Salary Wizard Report can help you to answer these questions. The Salary Wizard will provide you with salary information based on job title and geographic area. The Salary Wizard is an interactive database of up-to-date market compensation information. Unlike compensation surveys, which report data effective as of a fixed date, the Salary Wizard is a report of a continual research study. It includes data on approximately 1,200 unique jobs and 4,000 job titles that can be mapped to those jobs.

Employee Policy and Procedures

Maintain employee policy and procedure manuals Personnel Policy Service, Inc. provides analytical employment law publications, including model personnel and employee handbook policies in print or CD-ROM format, with thorough citations for managers and attorneys explaining what employers need to do to reduce their risk of being sued, accompanied by toll-free access to HR experts.

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