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Quest provides your downsized employee with what they really need:

  • A means for establishing an online presence needed to be effective in today’s job search environment
  • The ability to be easily discovered online by employers and executive recruiters sourcing candidates
  • Ongoing personalized one-on-one support

Programs Start at $995 with 3 Months Minimum Outplacement Support (6-month option also available).

1-ON-1  time with a Career Transition Consultant.


No minimum number of impacted employees required (can be as few as one).


Your organization will only be charged for impacted individuals who elect to utilize outplacement.


If an individual does not elect outplacement, there is no charge to your organization for that individual.


You aren’t contractually bound to an exclusive arrangement with Quest for any period of time.

A Modern Outplacement Solution

Today’s downsized employee is likely to have a home computer with internet access. They no longer need a traditional outplacement approach that provides them with office space and equipment.

Employers also don’t want the added cost of providing unneeded services based on an outdated approach to outplacement.

Quest Outplacement provides outplacement to downsized employees virtually or remotely using a combination of one-on-one career coaching sessions and web-based online tools, which reduces the cost of outplacement while providing more comprehensive, personalized services.

More In-Depth Than Other Providers

We invite you to compare our outplacement services to what the competition is offering. Since resume writing is a labor-intensive process, many outplacement companies will provide resume writing support rather than actual resume creation.  This resume writing support often consists of an online tool for a job seeker to create their resume on their own. 

Some may include a quick critique of the resume a job seeker created on their own, while others don’t include any resume feedback.

These approaches are shortcuts an outplacement firm can take to reduce their costs by reducing the time invested in providing services.

We believe in maximum value for the job seeker. We go in depth and in detail to truly understand a job seeker’s unique situation:

  • Deep review of job seeker’s existing resume
  • Detail-oriented questions about job seeker’s target position and past positions, along with personalized follow-up questions
  • Phone call with a Career Transition Consultant
  • Creation of custom, personalized resume to maximize job seeker’s marketability for target position

Understanding Job Seekers

Our DiscoveryQuest™ Career Mapping Process gathers information to better understand a job seeker’s career path – where they’ve been and where they want to go in their career.

The process is much more in-depth than simple resume editing and formatting, and takes the pressure off the job seeker during a stressful time by creating a personalized resume for them.

Landing New Positions

Quest Outplacement combines the job seeker’s career history with expert knowledge on what employers expect to see in a resume for a specific position.

We then create a customized resume that maps the job seeker’s career path to their desired target position.

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