Pharmaceutical Sales

Here is some information to help you learn about how to break into pharmaceutical sales, including the basic requirements for pharmaceutical sales, how pharmaceutical sales differs from other sales positions, how to best market your self, and the unique pharmaceutical sales hiring process.

Question: I am seeking an entry-level pharmaceutical sales position. What suggestions could you make to aid me in my search? Thank you, David.

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Basic Requirements for Pharmaceutical Sales

To break into pharmaceutical sales, you need a bachelor’s degree in any field, a clean driving record, and a record of successful outside sales experience. Another factor a pharmaceutical company looks for is a work history free from frequent job changes. You also need the desire and ability to learn about pharmaceutical products.

How Pharmaceutical Sales Differs from Other Sales Positions

Pharmaceutical sales differs from most other sales jobs in that there is no order to close or contract to sign. With pharmaceutical sales, the rep serves as an expert for physicians promoting products through education and awareness. It is an indirect sales role with the goal of increasing the level of prescriptions written in the rep’s sales territory.

How to Best Market Yourself

Use your resume and cover letter to highlight your experience learning about complex topics. Also use your resume and cover letter to convey your experience educating and training clients. To pursue a position in pharmaceutical sales, use the same avenues as you would with any other field: networking, the Internet, executive recruiters, and direct employer contact.

The Pharmaceutical Sales Hiring Process

The pharmaceutical sales hiring process is a very unique one.   To assist you, you might want to consider purchasing an e-book that covers the specifics the hiring process used for pharmaceutical sales jobs.  You can find these books by doing a search on Google.  Here is one e-book written by a pharmaceutical sales recruiter:

To Learn More about the Industry

Go to to learn more about the top pharmaceutical companies and consider subscribing to this site’s trade magazine to gain further industry knowledge. Or join an industry association.

Contact Pharmaceutical Sales Recruiters

To get a job in pharmaceutical sales, try working with these pharmaceutical sales recruiters:

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