Electronic Resume Distribution Services

Here are some options to consider to for targeted electronic resume distribution:

Your Missing Link provides the most targeted, personalized direct e-mail campaign service on the Internet. With over 19,000 recruiters, high-growth companies and venture capital firms to choose from, your cover letter and resume will be sent directly to only those that meet your selection criteria.

Get a free estimate. Choose your Industry, Position, Salary, and State, then click on “See Your Results.” You’ll get a free, no-obligation quote with the number of available contacts, pricing, and how to proceed.

One-Stop Resume Posting to Multiple Job Boards

Multiply your chances of landing a great job. Just use Resume Rabbit to fill out one simple form (about 10 to 15 minutes) and get immediately posted on up to 75 major career web sites like Monster.com, HotJobs, Dice, Headhunter.net and more!. It’ll save you several days of research and data entry!   You will be seen by over 1.5 million potential employers and recruiters daily.  Click the Resume Rabbit banner below to post your resume today! 


Post your resume on 75 career sites INSTANTLY!

Electronic Resume Distribution to 1000’s of Recruiters


With just a few clicks of your mouse ResumeZapper will email your resume and cover letter right into the email boxes of 1000’s of America’s top Search, Recruitment and Placement firms. There are also over 1500 Recruiters that make International placements.  Recruiters love to get resumes from qualified individuals who want to move their careers forward.  Click the ResumeZapper banner below to distribute your resume today! 

E-Mail Your Resume to 1000's of Headhunters!


To save hours of Internet research time, use CareerXroads to help you identify appropriate job sites. CareerXroads is a print directory that provides a comprehensive list of online job sites with a short review of each site. CareerXroads includes a cross-reference index that lists job sites by location, by industry, and by career specialty.