How To Locate The Best Professional Sales Recruiters

Professional sales recruiters want you to know that landing a well-paying sales position in a highly-competitive marketplace may involve more than applying directly to employers.

Although thousands of job seekers check printed and online job postings daily, many desirable jobs aren’t advertised by employers.

Companies offering top sales opportunities often turn to sales recruiters to find quantified candidates for them when they have a vacancy to fill.

The world of sales management recruiters and executive sales recruiters is shrouded in secrecy. Sales recruiters aren’t keen on letting their competitors know what companies they represent. This veil of secrecy can make it difficult for you to locate the best recruiters unless you follow these tips:

Use a Free Directory of Recruiters

Oya’s Directory of Recruiters is a free online directory of recruiters.  You can search its database online to find recruiters by their specialty and provides direct contact information.

Go Straight To The Source

If you want to land a sales position with a particular company, or within a particular niche, go straight to the source. Call the HR department and ask “Which recruiting company do you use when you are looking to hire sales professionals?” Most companies won’t have a problem telling you.

If you’re not sure which company you want to work with, start by checking out the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For directory. You’ll find the best companies listed by state, pay scale and benefits. Call the ones that look right for you and build a list of the best performing sales management recruiters and executive sales recruiters.

Learn How The Recruiting Game is Played

The more you know about how professional recruiters work, the easier it is to find the right one for you.  Pick up a copy of Kennedy’s Pocket Guide to Working With Executive Recruiters. It’s 148 pages of insider-information about how the recruiting industry works and how to maximize your relationship with recruiters.

Finding the right sales management recruiters and executive sales recruiters is an important career step. Take your time and do your research. The payoff will be worth it.